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Some Movies I Love & You Should Check Out if You Haven’t

22 Jan


I am huge Eddie Murphy man. He could do no wrong in the 80s from, Beverly Hills Cop, The Golden Child, Trading Places. He was THAT GUY back then. This is one of my favorite movies. I can literally quote line for line. The dialogue is genius. I heard that the idea was plagiarized but who cares I think this movie is an example of him taking on several roles also.


I love Tarantino, and love the dialogue in this movie also. I couldn’t get the “ear cutting scene” out of my head for a while and the thing about it is we really didn’t see anything. Lots of blood, lots of swearing and THE SUITS.



My favorite musical, plenty of songs to sing along to as well as the color. 



Let me start by saying I got this movie from Blockbuster on a fluke a while ago, but it’s great. Tells the semi-autobiographical story of a gay convict who planned and executed elaborate prsion escapes to reunite with his lover, including faking his death from AIDS.


Anyway check these out!



The Benefits of Online Window Shopping

20 Jan

I spent a significant amount of time online weekly. While, I spend a good bit of that time organizing my business plan and trying to promote myself and network, there is a need for extracurricular on line activity. This is includes but is not limited to reading blogs from the trashy gossip variety, to my favorite wordpress authors, as well as self-help sites. My biggest online guilty pleasure however is ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING. I have wish lists on several established retail sites like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Two sites from which I have never purchased clothing. As well as sites I frequently buy from, Like, and djpremium,com. What I love about online shopping is the option to bookmark your selections, in those “wish lists”.. Now, it’s likely that most of the clothing I favorite I will not purchase but the fact that it is saved gives me the opportunity to give it a second glance and decide when I am compelled to spend online. The perk to that is hardly ever having an impulse buy.This may not work for someone with a flexible income but for a fabulous, broke girl like me it’s a great thing.