The Benefits of Online Window Shopping

20 Jan

I spent a significant amount of time online weekly. While, I spend a good bit of that time organizing my business plan and trying to promote myself and network, there is a need for extracurricular on line activity. This is includes but is not limited to reading blogs from the trashy gossip variety, to my favorite wordpress authors, as well as self-help sites. My biggest online guilty pleasure however is ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING. I have wish lists on several established retail sites like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Two sites from which I have never purchased clothing. As well as sites I frequently buy from, Like, and djpremium,com. What I love about online shopping is the option to bookmark your selections, in those “wish lists”.. Now, it’s likely that most of the clothing I favorite I will not purchase but the fact that it is saved gives me the opportunity to give it a second glance and decide when I am compelled to spend online. The perk to that is hardly ever having an impulse buy.This may not work for someone with a flexible income but for a fabulous, broke girl like me it’s a great thing.


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