I’m Going Through Changes

3 Mar

Ugh, ugh.. Scowering the internet, looking for inspiration. It’s been an interesting week, worked a little and now as I am writing this blog I am waiting on my homegirl to come so we can get some drinks. Yes, at a mexican restaurant but that’s what most single, black mommies do to wind down. LOL, well maybe not all of them. Anyway, besides the regular goings on around here, I am still doing my research for my online business. Flipping electronics was lucractive but a little while but I am having a hard time branching my business plan out to something that doesn’t require as much overhead. It’s my goal to be able to make money but putting in money for a return of at least 120%. So far, I am breaking even or making sporadic larger profits.


Beyond work and my other hustles I have been contemplating chopping off my hair. I don’t mean go completely bald but I would like to have a versatile style that will let my poor, little scalp breathe a bit. As of right now, my extensions are cute but they are high maintanence. It’s like dealing with real hiar so instead of having more time to get ready in the morning it seems as if I am taking more time to get ready because of all of the prep involved in my hair now. I mean, it is such an annoyance.


I really admire both Monica and Kelis shorter styles. They are versatile enough for everyday wear and make you stand out as well. I also like alot of Keyshia Cole’s cuts when her hair was short as well. I am really conflicted about what it is I want to get done to my hair because I haven’t had my hair cut that short since probably high school. At the time, my hair was both relaxed and color so the cut was accentuated by the color I already had in it. However the style left much to be desired. This time around I really want a unique and grown up look. After all, I am 23, wearing pig tails and carrying on like I am a child just isn’t cute.


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